Stepdaddy Spanking Daughter

10 Feb

stepdaddy spanking daughter otk

Joelle Barros has been a very naughty girl. She’s angered her stepdaddy and finds herself being thrown over his knee for a hard spanking before bed. Joelle knew her stepdad was a strict Brooklyn man but she decided to ignore the rules he imposed on her. All he asked was that she didn’t buy offensive toys on while on vacation. She went ahead and did it anyway and now she must pay the price…with a very red bottom….

panties down otk spanking by stepdaddy

Joelle is called in before bedtime by her stepfather to answer for her disobedience. Her infraction is obvious and there is no excuse for this bed behavior. The naughty girl is taken over her stepdad’s knee to begin her punishment. He pulls down her pajama bottoms and gives his daughter a spanking over panties. Her soft tender bottom stinging for the smacks of his strong hand. The little panties she wears afford no protection to her young bottom and it’s blazing bright red as her panties are pulled down….

daughter spanked by stepdaddy

She tries to squirm free of her stepfather’s grasp but to no avail. He locks his legs over hers and spanks her ass good and hard. She can’t take this painful otk spanking punishment and squeals coming close to tears. Forgotten memories of past punishments flood her consciousness. Joelle remembers the spanking over pajamas she received when she was a naughty girl and forgotten to do her homework. It was so embarrassing and humiliating to be punished like a little girl. She wished for her bedtime spanking to end….

bare bottom otk spanking in pajamas

Joelle didn’t want to give her step dad the pleasure of being right. She took her punishment like a big girl. First being spanked over panties and then on her bare bottom. It’s been such a long time since she’s felt the sting in her cheeks. She felt shame in having her bottom reddened like this. It wasn’t going to be easy to sleep tonight with such a sore red bottom….

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