Sister Hand Spanked

27 Oct

Spanked OTK By Sister

Sexy sister wearing tight jeans spanked otk with bare hand when she’s caught reading a spanking magazine! Bianca Rose gets caught by her older sister Audrey Sugarsmack looking at spank mags and decides to give her a good old fashioned otk spanking. This starts a spanking contest between the two ladies. First Bianca gets taken over her sister’s knee and spanked. When it’s Audrey’s turn she thinks her ample bottom will offer her protection and the upper hand in this contest!

Sister Spanked OTK On Jeans

Little does Audrey know that her redheaded sister’s spanking hand can pack quite a wallop and her bouncy round bottom gives only a slight advantage. Her last bit of protection from the hand spanking administered by her younger sister is negated when her tight jeans are pulled down. Her big spankable ass is completely exposed to the sting of her little sister’s hand against her bare bouncing cheeks!

Over The Knee Spanking

Audrey’s big round bottom smacked hard by her sister’s bare hand! The sound of the whacks echoes through the empty house as the girls have been left alone to their own devices by their parents. Audrey finally concedes as she’s clearly underestimate the bottom smacking power of her little sister. A 5 minute hand spanking otk contest leaves older sister Audrey’s big bottom sore and red!

Bare Bottom OTK Spanking

See the entire otk spanking contest as tall and skinny redhead Bianca Rose gives her older sister a good old fashioned otk spanking on tight jeans and then on her bare bottom at Punished Brats!