Lesbian Spanking At Home

26 Oct

Lesbian otk spanking at home is more common than you may think. These naughty lesbians take turns spanking each other over the knee in these free lesbian otk spanking at home pictures. It’s a mix of domestic discipline and erotic lesbian spanking here in this house of firm hand otk spanking correction. These two sisters take pleasure in disciplinary otk spanking. They are naughty girls by nature and their pretty panties are wet with thoughts of being bent over the knee with panties down for lesbian otk spanking at home!

Lilly Ann and Pixie are lesbian sisters who don’t always agree on everything but there is one thing that they can agree on on. Lesbian OTK Spanking At Home. When they two naughty girls have a little fight it’s always settled over the knee. They try and show each other who is in charge by hand down firm domestic disciplinary otk spanking correction. Neither girl is firmly in charge of her home and these two naughty girls regularly engage in over the knee correction in a struggle for domestic authority. First Miss Pixie takes Liily Ann over her knee for the first round of domestic lesbian otk spanking discipline warming her beautifully round bare bottom until it’s a nice bright shade of red with a bare hand otk spanking punishment fit for the naughtiest of girls!

With panties down the two erotic spanking enthusiasts really get into their domestic discipline spanking. Fully immersed in the lesbian otk spanking at home experience. It’s now time for a spankee / spanker switch. The submissive woman becomes the dominant. Now it’s Lilly Ann’s turn to punish Pixie’s bare bottom in this home disciplinary spanking scene. Pixie’s round bare bottom gets spanked good and hard over the knee of Lilly Ann with a panties down bare hand otk spanking that will redden her bare bottom and leave her bare bottom tingling with the pleasure of this bare bottom lesbian otk spanking at home!

Will these lesbian otk spanking sisters ever learn to behave themselves? Will there lesbian erotic spanking spankfest continue indefinitely? Will this be an endless cycle of domestic discipline and otk spanking correction for these naughty lesbian housemates? I imagine the lesbian otk spanking at home will contine forever in this house of spanking correction!!

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