Bare Bottom Teen Spanking

21 Oct

Sometimes (really more often than not) naughty teen girls have all kinds of bad attitude preblems are in need of some strict discipline to cure their bad behavior. This teen escort is no excetion to that rule (truth) as she is in desperate need of bare bottom otk teen spanking on her lovely round bottom. In these free bare bottom otk teen spanking pictures this naughty teen whore probably needs more disciplinary spanking punishment than most of the teen girls her age as she is a cat-house hooker that is so incompetent at her job that she has drawn the attention of her madam. Madam Clare takes serious notice of her misbehavior and bad attitude that she’s forced to send her over to the heavy handed disiplinarian of this house of whores, Mr Dan. Now Dan knows how to keep his girls well-behaved and making that money for their madam. Madam Clare Fonda sends her naughty teens in need of strict discipline to this special man because he knows that bare bottom otk teen spanking will keep these little bitches in line!

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